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معهد لغات

Language Institute – Al Rayyan Institute in Sharjah is sought by many residents of the United Arab Emirates, where many parents in the current period are interested in teaching their children the English language and mastering it well, due to the many advantages that the child acquires when learning English, which has become one of the most important languages that are used in most countries of the world.

Language Institute in Sharjah

The best language institute in Sharjah for children can be found by visiting Al Rayyan Scientific Institute because there are many educational institutes in it, through which it is possible to learn English and other languages, and below we will learn about them:

The importance of learning English for children

After getting to know Al Rayyan Institute in Sharjah for Children, it is necessary to identify the importance of children learning English from a young age, because of the multiple advantages and benefits, which can be obtained by joining the iEnglish Institute,

1- Enhance the child’s perception
Teaching the child a second language helps in obtaining a large amount of new information, which helps in enriching his mind with many knowledge, as it helps the child’s awareness of the Arabic and English language at the same time enhances the child’s comprehension and understanding of various scientific subjects with ease.

2- Raising the level of comprehension of the child and expanding his perceptions
Many studies have proven that a child’s mastery of both languages at a young age enhances his abilities in comprehension and comprehension.

3- Raising the likelihood of the child being admitted to language schools
In order for a child to be admitted to language schools, the child must be ready to learn English.

4. Improve the ability to store by cuttings
The child’s mastery of two languages enhances his mental activity, in addition to stimulating his memory continuously to store, and the ability to retrieve information in case it is needed.

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Best English Language Institute in Sharjah

Best Language Institute
Al Rayyan Institute is the best English language institute for children in Sharjah, it is one of the few institutes in the United Arab Emirates recognized by the Ministry of Education, contact us from here